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Hi Mary,
My parents have affectionately named her “Mae” she has been such a blessing to them. She is brilliant and is already very proficient at basic obedience. She has started hiking with them and she loves it as well as being the star of every trail they go on. She is growing like a weed and is healthy as she can be. I have attached a few pictures the first being when my mother first received her and others from their recent hikes.
“As a veterinary student I have experienced a lot of breeders as well as a lot of puppies. I was extremely impressed with the extensive testing and certification that Lake Wedowee Labs did to ensure the health of our puppy and her continued health as she ages. The kennels are clean and luxurious for the dogs with impressive technology to ensure that there are always eyes on the dogs. It was lovely to see all the room the dogs had to run and play. Our puppy has been such a blessing to the family. She is gorgeous as well as brilliant. At around 9 weeks she had already mastered most of her basic obedience commands(sit, down, heel, etc) and continues to impress. We could not be happier with our experience with Lake Wedowee Lab’s and love our puppy so much!”

Miss Mary,
Our puppy is great. Getting big fast!!!!! Our family loves him. He is a smart puppy and of course full of energy. I will get a picture this afternoon and send to you.
Thank You Kevin

Ellie is doing really well. Very sweet personality and very healthy. My wife and I feel very enriched with her addition to our family. She is a beautiful dog but more importantly has a very sweet and playful personality and responds very well to training. We have gotten numerous compliments regarding her and many of our friends have asked where we got her. We have highly recommended your kennel to everyone who asks.

We just love her!!

Gus is great! He is a handsome boy, and so smart. He has such a funny personality and we just love him to pieces. Below is a review for your website. Thanks so much for our sweet baby.
We had such a positive experience with Lake Wedowee Labs. Mary was quick to respond to my initial inquiry and was very flexible with setting appointments for us to visit the puppies. The kennel is very clean, and the dogs have plenty of room to run and play; they all seemed so happy! Our dog is very handsome and our vet commented on how healthy he was at his first visit. He has a great personality, is great with our kids and is extremely smart. We highly recommend Lake Wedowee Labs.

Just wanted to share! Molly is doing great! Went to vet and everything looks wonderful! He did say she is more dominant but just means we have to be more firm at times! We love her spunk!

Merry Christmas!

Such a wonderful surprise for my kiddos! They have named him Mason. Thank you!


Good evening! I hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted to reach out and give
you an update on Chief. Chief has adapted very well to our little family and the girls have
absolutely fallen in love with the little guy! He has the best personality!

Losing our chocolate 3 years ago was rough, but especially rough on our oldest, who was only
3 at the time. Up until we brought Chief home, she would have moments of tears remembering
Bear. Even though we can never replace Bear, Chief has brought a new life back into our house
that had been missing for a few years.

The bond already created with our youngest is absolutely incredible! Chief can scratch, or
nip at her accidentally, sending her to tears, but 2 minutes later, she is right back in his
face playing. They absolutely love each other. It took our oldest a little longer with
Chief, as her bond with Bear was very strong.

Thank you for creating an environment of loving animals. Our family is forever grateful to
you and your husband! We will continue to spread the word and hopefully drive more business
your way.

I have attached a few pictures that I hope will show you the joy Chief has brought to our

Skipper is a wonderful puppy. This was taken Monday. I took him back to the vet today and he weighs 13.6 lbs. He has a great disposition. He has slept from 9pm til 5:30 or 6 since I got him. I attribute that to you having him separated from the Mom long enough for him to adjust. All my grands as well as neighbors just love him Have a great day!